National Research Center For Foreign Language Education

Center For Central And Eastern European Studies

Center For Japanese Studies

British Studies Center

Canadian Studies Center

National Research Center For Development Of Language Aptitude

Beijing Cultural Exchanges And World Culture Research Base

Joint Innovative Center For Outbound Of Chinese Culture

Foreign Language Test And Review Center

Global History Research Center

Beijing Center For Japanese Studies

National Research Center Of Overseas Sinology

Research Institute Of Foreign Literature

Research Institute Of Foreign Languages

Institute Of International Studies

World Language And Culture Research Center

Center For Public Diplomacy Studies

Research Center Of The United Nations And International Organizations

Center For Chinese And Foreign Anti-Corruption Legal Research

Information Center For Worldwide Asia Research

Institute For Higher Education

BFSU Center For Education Law

African Language And Culture Studies Center

Silk Road Research Center

BFSU Center For Intellectual Property Law

BFSU Zayed Center For Arabic Language And Islamic Studies

Center For Deutsche Culture

Russian Language Center

Center For International Dispute Settlement

Center For American And English Legal Studies

BFSU Off-Campus Law Training Base

BFSU Canadian Studies Center

BFSU Center For Belgian French Studies

Quebec Studies Center

BFSU Swiss Studies Center

Center For Translation Language And Culture

Center For East-West Relations

Center Of Gender And Global Studies(CGGS)

Research Center For Business English

Center For Cross-Cultural Management Studies

Center For Institutional And Industrial Studies

Research Center For Corporate Organization And Strategy

Center For Management Studies

Research Center For World And National Economics

Institute Of International Finance And Business

Center For G20 Studies

Center For Middle And East European Studies

Finnish Studies Center

National Research Center For Online Foreign Language Education

Center For West Asian And African Studies

Center For Southeast Asian Studies

Center For ROK And DPRK Studies

Korean Language Teaching And Research Center

Center For South Asian Studies

Sirindhorn Institute Of Language And Culture

Malay Research Center

Chinese American Literature Research Center

Center For Linguistics&Applied Linguistics Of The School Of English And International Studies

Center For English And American Literature

American Studies Center

Center For Translation Studies

British Studies Center

Australian Studies Center

Irish Studies Center

Canadian Studies Center

International Communication Studies Center

Intrer-Cultural Studies Center Of The School Of English And International Studies,BFSU

Center For Diaspora And Transnational Studies

Faculty Development And Research Committee Of The School Of English And International Studies

Institute Of World Economy

Institute Of Philosophy And Culture

BFSU Center For Yijing And Confucius Studies

Center For Culture Industry

Information Center For International Chinese Teaching

Center For Comparative Literature And Inter-Cultural Studies

BFSU Research And Development Center For International Chinese Teaching Resources

Research Center For English For Specific Purposes

China-Canada Culture And Education Exchange Center

Sri Lankan Studies Center

Indonesian Studies Center

Center For Latin Language And Culture

Polish Studies Center

Center For Omnimedia Studies

Center For Media Ethics And Policy Research

Mexican Studies Center

Research Center For Francophone Countries And Regions

Center For Nordic Studies

China-Africa Center For Law Studies

Research Center Of Contemporary French Literature

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