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The Spanish language program of Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) was first started in 1952 and the Portuguese language program in 1961, both being the first in China. Over the years, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese has made significant contribution to the political, economic and cultural exchanges between China and Spanish & Portuguese speaking countries.

In 1979, our Spanish program was the first in China to be authorized to offer master’s degrees in Spanish language studies and in 1996, it became the first in China to offer doctoral degrees in Spanish language studies. In 2010, it was recognized as a Beijing municipal key program.

Our Spanish program aims to produce qualified professionals with solid language competence who work in different sectors such as diplomacy, foreign trade, education, culture, science & technology and the media. There are 25 teachers in the Spanish program, including 4 full professors and 5 associate professors. Each year, two foreign teachers are recruited. Our Portuguese program has 8 teachers, including 6 Chinese teachers and 2 foreign experts.

In our Spanish program, bachelor’s program lasts for 4 years, and master’s program 3 year specializing in linguistics, literature, translation or Hispanic country studies. Doctoral programs lasts for 3-4 years specializing in Latin American literature or Interpreting. In our Portuguese program, bachelor’s program lasts for 4 years, with the first two years and last year in China and the third year abroad. Master’s program lasts for 3 years specializing in translation or Brazil’s foreign policy and relations with China.

Our Department has always been a leader in language teaching and research in China. We have so far produced over 2500 Spanish language professionals (including over 2200 bachelors,over 150 masters and 12 doctors)as well as over 500 Portuguese language professionals. They work as diplomats, translators and interpreters, professors, journalists and others after graduation.

The Department has signed exchange agreements with prominent universities in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries. Each year, we send a large number of students to these universities for exchange study. We have set up a Mexican Studies Center in partnership with National Autonomous University of Mexico to promote academic exchanges and cultural promotion. Working with the University of Lisbon, we have also set up a consortium to promote language and cultural cooperation and exchanges between China and Portuguese speaking countries in the field of Portuguese and Chinese language teaching .

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