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The School of English for Specific Purposes: An Introduction


The School of English for Specific Purposes (SESP), founded in September, 2008, is oriented toward teaching and research. It offers English courses to non-English majors at both undergraduate and graduate levels who seek a double degree or double major in English or who are interested in the study of College English in other schools of Beijing Foreign Studies University. At the same time SESP conducts research on College English teaching and English for Specific Purposes (ESP). The School’s mission is to consolidate the teaching and study of English language and culture through a teaching and research system to develop and train interdisciplinary and multi-lingual students.

SESP currently enrolls in English courses approximately 2,000 undergraduate students seeking a double degree or double major as well as 500 master and Ph.D. students. SESP will start to admit, train, and teach MTI (Master of Translation and Interpreting) students in September 2016.

SESP offers small classes tailored to the student’s need and ability, emphasizing practical experience; provide multiple cultivation modes and excellent classifications; develops an international perspective with China in mind; and expands the meaning of education and develops interdisciplinary connections. Language coursework includes listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translation. Professionally-oriented courses consist of Cross-Cultural Communication, ESP, Language and Translation Studies, and Literature and Culture.

SESP has 52 faculty and staff members, 50 of whom are fulltime. The school has 3 full professors and 16 associate professors. Fifteen faculty members have the Ph.D. degree.

SESP has established university-level cooperative projects and an annual exchange of visiting scholars with the Skagit Valley College in Washington State, USA. The current active foreign exchanges include the University of Kansas (USA) and Cambridge University (UK).

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