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With a history of more than 60 years, the School of Chinese Language and Literature (SCLL) consists of three components: the Department of Chinese Language and Literature that offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs for Chinese students; the Department of Chinese as a Foreign Language that offers undergraduate programs to international students; and the Chinese Language Training Center that offers non-degree education to international students. In addition, it is responsible for the management of Hanban’s multilingual base for teaching Chinese as a foreign language as well as Chinese language programs offered in 21 Confucius institutes operated in partnership with BFSU and over 10 foreign universities.

SCLL has a strong, dedicated multidisciplinary faculty of 65 full-time teachers, 32 of whom have PhD degrees. We now have over 1500 students enrolled in our programs, including over 500 Chinese students and over 1000 international students from over 40 countries and regions.

SCLL offers 2 BA programs: Chinese Language and Literature and Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (TCSOL). We also offers 5 MA programs: Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Chinese Language Studies, Comparative Literature and World Literature, Ancient Chinese Literature and TCSOL. In addition, we offer 2 PhD programs—Comparative Literature and Cross-cultural Studies and TCSOL, both of which are Beijing municipal key programs, All programs are open to international students.

SCLL aims to produce versatile, high-caliber and international professionals with proficiency in both foreign languages and Chinese language and culture. A multicultural environment with Chinese culture playing an essential role is provided so that students from all over the world can communicate with and learn from each other.

SCLL places much emphasis on academic research. We have established incentive mechanisms for outstanding performance in research for our teachers and graduate students and offer funding to their studies. We organize academic workshops and discussions for our teachers and graduate students as well as lectures by well-known scholars from home and abroad. Consequently, we have created a favorable academic environment in our School and produced a large number of research outcomes. 

SCLL has two research centers: the Information Center of International Chinese Teaching and the Research Center of Comparative Literature and Culture. We publish 2 academic journals:International Chinese Language EducationandJournal of Humanities. Also, we organize tests such tests as HSK, HSKK andTest for International Chinese Language Teacher Certificate.

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