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With a history that dates back to 1944, the School of English and International Studies (SEIS) consists of two departments — the Department of English Language & Literature,and the Department of Translation and Interpreting. It is identified as one of the top English language teaching and research institutions in China. It offers, in English, interdisciplinary courses leading to bachelor’s,master’s and doctoral degrees, aiming at producing qualified professionals with language and academic excellence and building all our disciplines into what can be rated as nationally best and internationally renowned.

SEIS has made itself a “flagship” of BFSU and a national leader in terms of teaching and research in the field of English language and literature as well as translation and interpreting. Our undergraduate programs aim to equip our students with a good command of English, a broad range of knowledge, leadership skills, international vision and the abilities to learn, think critically, create and cooperate. Our graduate programs aim to produce high-level professionals with excellent English proficiency, good translation and interpreting skills, specialized knowledge in humanities and social sciences as well as the abilities to do academic research independently and to explore new frontiers. Currently SEIS has 599 students enrolled in our bachelor’s programs, 381 in master’s programs and 87 in doctoral programs.

SEIS attaches much importance to international exchange and cooperation. We have developed strategic partnerships with 30 foreign universities including Lancaster University, Columbia University, the University of Adelaide, University of Toronto,the University of Auckland, etc. SEIS also offers our students a diversified choice of overseas learning experiences such as exchange programs, short-term Study Abroad programs and summer camps. In addition, SEIS admits international students who may study for degrees in the same classrooms together with Chinese students at BFSU.

SEIS graduates have proved to be competitive in different careers and they work in government bodies, major state-owned companies, transnational companies, media organizations, entities engaged in foreign relations and foreign trade, culture and education institutions, publishing houses, translation firms, law firms and accounting firms. Each year, about 30 % of our graduates go to study for master’s and doctoral degrees in world class universities such as University of Oxford, Harvard University and others. Since its founding more than 70 years ago, SEIS has produced a large number of qualified professionals, many of whom have excelled as diplomats, traders, journalists, translators & interpreters, English teachers and researchers. Among our outstanding alumni are Li Zhaoxing, former Foreign Minister of China; Sun Zhenyu, former Chinese Ambassador to the WTO; Zhang Yesui, Vice Foreign Minister of China; Fu Ying, former Vice Foreign Minister of China; Jin Liqun, President-designate of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB); Zhang Qiyue, Chinese Consul General in New York; Yang Lan, famous TV hostess; Xu Gehui, famous TV hostess; Sun Ning, chief interpreter with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

SEIS has developed a faculty with high-level academic competence, rich teaching experiences and strong devotion to their work. Currently, SEIS has 87 full-time faculty members, including 27 full professors and 28 associate professors. 66 of our faculty members have PhD degrees. Such a strong faculty has earned good reputation for SEIS and set up an example for English education in China.

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