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The School of Art and Research of BFSU was founded in 2011 for the purpose of doing research on Chinese folk art and promoting the development of Chinese folk art and its spread to the rest of the world. 

Building on the language expertise of BFSU, the School of Art and Research offers courses on Chinese folk art theories and techniques (Peking Opera in particular) to BFSU teachers and students, international students, foreign nationals working in Beijing and foreign volunteers working in the Confucius Institutes, thus adding an artistic touch to studies at BFSU. 

   China boasts a rich and extensive heritage of folk art, and its research must be conducted with unique approaches by people with profound cultural knowledge and practical experiences. Our school has always paid close attention to developing an academic structure combining teaching, research and communication in order to best preserve and develop China’s unique heritage of folk art.

The School of Art also offers master’s programs. Currently we have 9 master’s candidates enrolled in our program specializing in overseas spread of Chinese traditional dramas. We offer courses including: art communication studies; history of Chinese and foreign dramas; history of Chinese and foreign cinema; aesthetics of literature and art; introduction to art; western literary theories; and basic acting and directing.

We have succeeded in integrating art practices and theories into our teaching and research activities by combining theoretic learning and practices. At the same time, our postgraduate students also take an active part in the translation project — “The English Translation Series of 100 Peking Opera Classics”. By combining learning and practicing, our students have acquired deeper understanding of the art of Chinese dramas. Their academic and translation performance have both won the recognition of experts and peers.

Currently, we have 14 teachers, including 6 full professors and 2 associate professors. 8 of our teachers have PhD degrees.

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