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The School of European Languages and Cultures (SELC) of BFSU, founded in 1954, boasts a long history and teaches more less commonly used European languages than other Chinese institutions. Now, SELC teaches 23 languages, 15 of which are exclusively taught in SELC in China. Our faculty with their strong teaching and research capacities form the pillar for the Center for Central and Eastern European Studies, a national research base for regional and country studies designated by the Chinese Ministry of Education. In addition, we also host several other research centers such as the Finnish Studies Center, the Polish Studies Center, and the Nordic Studies Center. Over the past 60 years, SELC has become a cradle for professionals specialized in less commonly used European languages, a national base for regional, language and cultural studies as well as an important channel for Sino-European education and cultural exchanges.

SELC, as a key discipline in Beijing, offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs. As of September 2015, SELC had 409 students enrolled in our undergraduate programs, 24 in our master’s programs and 10 in our doctoral programs. We aim to nurture high-quality students with multilingual competence and comprehensive knowledge. Apart from language skill training, our students also take courses in regional & country studies as well as cultural studies. Most students spend one or two semesters studying abroad. They also have a variety of choices to study English as a second degree, or study a third or fourth language.

SELC currently has a total staff of 49, including 48 teachers, 5 of whom are full professors (including 4 doctoral supervisors) and 13 associate professors. 14 teachers have doctoral degrees. SELC pays equal attention to both teaching and research. We publish magazines and academic journals such asEastern EuropeChinese Journal of European Languages and CulturesandEuropean Language Teaching and Learning. Our faculty have done remarkably well in designing textbooks and reference books, literary translation, cultural exchange and so on. A great number of them such as Prof. Yi Lijun, Prof. Feng Zhichen, Prof. Gong Kunyu, Prof. Wang Jun and Prof. Ding Chao, are widely recognized in the related community and have won many awards and prizes.

As an important channel of Sino-European exchanges, SELC receives each year a large number of high-level delegations from Europe, who are impressed with SELC’s spirit of solidarity, rigorousness and pursuit for excellence.

While introducing European languages and cultures to China, SELC faculty also play an active role in introducing the Chinese language and culture to European countries. Our teachers have served as the directors for the Confucius Institutes at Eötvös Loránd University of Hungary, in Krakow of Poland, in Sofia of Bulgaria, at Palacky University of the Czech Republic, and at the University of Rome La Sapienza of Italy.

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