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The International Institute of Chinese Studies gets its current official name in 2015. It evolved from the National Research Center of Overseas Sinology founded in November 1996. The Institute focuses its research on Chinese culture studies worldwide, and aims to promote the spread of Chinese traditional culture and related innovations. It engages itself in the following activities: tracking the paths of the spread of Chinese culture worldwide; looking into the history of translating ancient Chinese works into other languages and related people and translated texts in order to come up with theories and methods related to such translation endeavors; tracing the development of sinology in different countries from the perspective of academic history; assessing the overseas impact of Chinese culture and looking into the ways through which different countries frame their current perceptions of China in order to reveal the universal significance of Chinese culture during cross-culture communications.

The Institute consists of the National Research Center of Overseas Sinology, the Research Institute of Chinese Culture,and the Center for Assessment of Overseas Impact of Chinese Culture. It publish a number of academic journals includingInternational Sinology, Comparative Literature and Cross-Cultural Studies, Newsletter of International Confucian Studies,Journal of the History of Overseas Chinese Language Education. Besides, it is the institutional chair of the International Association for Chinese Culture Studies, International Association for Chinese Language Education Studies, and the International Liaison Committee of International Confucian Association.

The International Institute of Chinese Studies gives top priority to cultivating research talents with international perspectives. In addition to our master’s and doctoral programs in comparative literature and cross-cultural studies, we also offer master’s programs in Chinese cultural studies and international sinology, both open to international students. All courses will be conducted in both Chinese and English.

Over the years, we have completed over 40 national and provincial/ministerial research projects, and published 76 books, 2 dictionaries, 29 translated works, and 3 textbooks as well as over 100 academic papers. For 3 consecutive years, we are awarded for our outstanding performance as a university-based research institute. We have maintained close ties with 33 universities and research institutes from the US, UK, France, Italy, Vatican, Switzerland, Russia, India, Japan, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Meanwhile, we have hosted over 100 lectures and over 70 international academic meetings, and maintained close ties with other Chinese academic organizations.

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