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Founded in 2001,the International Business School (IBS) is one of the largest schools in Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU). It offers a variety of programs including regular undergraduate programs, Chinese-foreign joint undergraduate programs, master’s programs, dual-bachelor-degree programs, PhD programs, and executive training programs. The School now has nearly 1,000 full-time undergraduates, 400 international students from over 50 countries and 200 students in its study-abroad preparatory program.

IBS is making its utmost effort to promote globalization of China’s business education by inspiring our students’ curiosities for knowledge and the world unknown, and cultivating business elites with a forward-looking vision, a strong mind and unique judgment and creativity. IBS aims to build itself into China’s first globalized business school featuring multilingual, multicultural and multiregional education through joint efforts made by its faculty, students and alumni. We want to become a leader in connecting China with the rest of the world and to cultivate open-minded and socially responsible future business leaders.

Over the years, IBS has made outstanding achievements in terms of teaching, research, social services and international cooperation. In 2002, our economics & management faculty was identified as one of the key disciplines under China’s 211 Project. In 2007, IBS was chosen as a pilot training base for transnational professionals in economics and management by the Chinese Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance. In 2009, IBS was awarded the first prize by Beijing Municipal Government with our outstanding performance in training transnational talents in economic. In 2012, IBS was identified as a national demonstration model for experimental education. In addition, 5 of our professors are chosen for special support of capacity development by the Ministry of Education.

IBS attaches importance to a globalized approach in its development by building partnership with universities in Europe, America, emerging economies and host countries for China’s outbound investments. IBS also encourages our undergraduates and postgraduates to take part in short-term study-abroad programs and international exchange activities. Besides, IBS also maintains close collaboration with the Chinese government, businesses, financial institutions as well as transnational companies.

IBS always takes it as its mission to use its global perspective to contribute to China’s economic growth, to make innovations in economics and management research, and to cultivate human resources. IBS aims to build itself into a globalized business school, which takes advantage of BFSU’s unique features, and plays a distinctive part in China’s economic development.

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