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The School of International Relations and Diplomacy (SIRD) was founded in 2006 with the merger of the former Department of Diplomacy of the School of English and International Studies and the former Institute for International Issues of BFSU. In 2007, Li Zhaoxing, former Foreign Minister of China,became the Honorary Dean of SIRD. SIRD consists of the Department of Diplomacy, the Department of International Political Science, the Department of Political Science and Administration, the Institute for International Issues, the Editorial Office forInternational Forum, the Center for Gender and Global Studies, the Center for East-West Relations, the Research Center of the United Nations and International organizations, and the Center for Public Diplomacy Studies.

In 2009, SIRD’s off-campus training and research base run in partnership with China Council for the Promotion of International Trade was recognized by Beijing municipal government as a key off-campus training base. In 2010, our diplomacy program was recognized by the Ministry of Education as one of Chinese university programs with distinctive features (Batch 6). It is the first time for a diplomacy program to be included in the list.   

Currently, SIDR has a total staff of 25, including 5 full professors and 12 associate professors, 80% of whom have doctoral degrees and over 50% have overseas study experience of over 1 year. In addition, SIDR also employs two international experts on a long-term basis, and others on short-term or part-time basis or as visiting scholars. Teachers from other schools of BFSU and BFSU alumni working as diplomats are also invited to give lectures at SIDR.

 Apart from bachelor’s programs, SIDR is also authorized to offer master’s and doctoral programs. Our master’s programs cover 6 major fields: comparative studies on Chinese and foreign political systems, international relations, international political science, diplomacy, regional studies, and public diplomacy. In 2014, we started to enroll students in our new undergraduate program of political science and administration. Each year, SIDR enrolls 96 Chinese students and 15-20 international students for our undergraduate programs, 40-45 Chinese students and 15-20 international students for our master’s programs, 4-6 students for our PhD programs, and 35-40 students for our double-degree programs.

SIDR attaches equal importance to both academic and language competence of our students when designing our curriculum. We offer 3 categories of courses to our students: courses taught in Chinese;bilingual courses; and courses taught in English. Each category occupies the same percentage in total number of courses. Students are required to study for a second bachelor’s degree in English and pass TEM-8 (Test for English Major-Band 8). Upon graduation, each student gets a bachelor’s degree in law issued by the State Council Office for Academic Degrees as well as a certificate for dual degrees in law and literature issued by BFSU. All courses in our international master’s program are taught in English.   

SIDR maintains close partnerships with many universities around the world. We have a cooperative bachelor-master program with the University of Hawaii and dual-degree master’s programs with the University of Denver of the U.S., Lancaster University of U.K., and Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. We also have short-term exchange programs with a number of Taiwan universities such as National Chengchi University, National Chung Cheng University, and National Taiwan Normal University. Meanwhile, SIDR has also established academic exchange mechanisms with foreign institutions. Each year, our teachers travel abroad for study visits and attend academic conferences. We also receive a large number of foreign scholars and experts to our school for exchange visits. 

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