The 80th Anniversary of Beijing Foreign Studies University Announcement No. 2

The 80th Anniversary of Beijing Foreign Studies University

Announcement No. 2


Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) is celebrating its 80th anniversary on 26 September 2021. We appreciate extensive attention to and support for our preparation work from BFSU teachers and students, alumni from home and abroad and the general public since we released Announcement No. 1. We are now announcing the official logo for the event and the channels for donations.


I. Official Logo

    We appreciate the large number of responses we have received since we released a public call for designs of the logo and mascot for this event. Following a online vote, expert review, technical refinement and internal discussion, we are announcing the final version as follows:

         The logo is derived from the number 80, with a human-shaped 8 standing at the gate, representing BFSUers who serve their home country whole-heartedly wherever they are across the world. The three-layer gate symbolizes our promising future, and demonstrates our vision of ever-lasting vigor and vitality. The three main colours – red, yellow and blue – merge with each other, indicating brightness and diversity. Red comes from our “red gene” as the first foreign language school established by the Communist Party of China, and shows our dedication to the Party; yellow and blue stand for the integration of the east and the west civilizations, and illustrate our school motto of “Inclusiveness, Diversity, Knowledge and Dedication”.

    As we celebrate our 80th anniversary, we are looking into the future with the same determination and dedication. Standing at a new historical juncture, BFSU will stick firmly to its mission of offeringinternationalized, specialized, high-quality and general education”, and build itself into a world-class foreign language university.    

II Donations

A.      Intended use of donations

l  Student development

    Donations will be used to incentivize top-performing students, and to support financially disadvantaged students; to fund student activities such as student organizations, entrepreneurial and innovation activities, cultural and sports competitions, and internships; and to fund students’ participation in international exchanges and academic meetings.     

l  Teacher development

    Donations will be used to incentivize outstanding teachers and to support teaching and research activities.

l  Academic development

    Donations will be used to support academic and research development activities including basic research, pedagogical research, publications as well as development of core disciplines, programs and courses.

l  Physical construction

    Donations will be used for the development of physical infrastructure, teaching facilities and campus landscaping.

l  Alumni affairs

    Donations will be used for alumni related activities.

    Donations could also be earmarked and used for particular purposes as specified by the donors.

B.      How to donate

l  Via Bank

    Bank:  ICBC  Zizhuyuan Branch

    Account holder: BFSU Education Foundation

    Account no.: 0200007609026407232

   Please specify your personal information and intended use of your donation

l  Via Wechat

    Follow our Wechat accountBFSU EF (北京外国语大学教育基金会)select your intended use and make your donation via “online donation”. You can also scan the following QR code, which will direct you to the donation page.


l  Via Alipay

    Account holder: BFSU EF(北京外国语大学教育基金会)

Scan the following QR code to make your donation.

    Please specify your personal information and intended use of your donation


l  Contact us:

       Tel: 010-88818256      


Beijing Foreign Studies University 

80th Anniversary Celebration Office 

19 March 2021 


Contact us: 010-88816902/88816909 



No.2 North Xisanhuan Road, Beijing, P.R. China 100089





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