The 80th Anniversary of Beijing Foreign Studies University Announcement No. I

Announcement No. I

The 80th Anniversary of Beijing Foreign Studies University

After eight decades of ever-growing excellence, Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) will celebrate its 80th anniversary in September 2021. We would like to extend our best regards to all alumni at home and abroad as well as to students and staff, and express our sincere gratitude to leaders and friends from all walks of life for their consistent understanding and support.

For 80 years, BFSU has been forging ahead with undeviating aim. As the first higher institution of foreign languages established by the Communist Party of China, BFSU started in Yan’an, Shaanxi province in 1941 as the Russian Language Team in the Third Branch of Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese Military and Political College. Later it was renamed successively as Yan’an Foreign Languages School and Beijing Foreign Languages Institute. In 1994 it took its current name of Beijing Foreign Studies University. Despite the difficulties BFSU went through during its founding period, it played a unique role in the Chinese people’s fight for independence and prosperity. The past eight decades have seen BFSU grow from a sapling into a towering tree. It currently teaches more than 100 foreign languages and covers a wide range of disciplines. Such extraordinary accomplishments are enabled by a dauntless and pioneering spirit that BFSU inherited from its revolutionary “red genes”.

For 80 years, BFSU has followed the Communist Party of China in its pursuit of a great mission. It adheres to the motto of “Inclusiveness, Diversity, Knowledge and Dedication, which highlights internationalized, specialized, high-quality and general education, and in this way has cultivated a great number of professionals, who have become a leading force in various fields in the world. Among them, more than 400 ambassadors and 2,000 counselors have won for BFSU the reputation of “the cradle for diplomats of the People’s Republic of China”. From fighting in the battlefields of Yan’an to carrying out diplomatic missions of the People’s Republic of China, from leading China’s foreign language education during the Reform and Opening-up to supporting and servicing the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative, BFSU has always been ready to respond to the call of the nation, and never hesitates in fulfilling its duty whenever and wherever necessary.

For 80 years, BFSU has moved forward with great vigor to achieve more. After its birth in the struggles for national liberation, after its growing-up in the country’s early development, and after its maturing during the Reform and Opening-up, BFSU has now reached its prime in the new era of national rejuvenation. On the occasion of the university’s 80th anniversary, we shall reflect on our history and achievements while mobilizing all resources to create a blueprint of its future development. In this period of major changes in the world, BFSU will shoulder its new mission, undertake its new responsibilities and strive for new accomplishments. BFSU will step up its efforts to build a world-class foreign studies university by implementing new strategies of talent cultivation, academic excellence and global outreach. In contributing to efforts to build a community with a shared future for mankind, BFSU’s strategic vision and rigorous actions in bridging China and the world will enable its voice to be heard and its impact to be felt.

In September 2021, we sincerely welcome all alumni and friends from home and abroad to join us for an unforgettable celebration! We expect to meet you at BFSU to mark not just its birthday, but also our ever-lasting friendship and ever-promising future.  

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