After 74 years since its foundation, BFSU has produced over 90 000 qualified professionals with language competence who have been active in China’s diplomatic, military, law, finance, business, media and education sectors. The Alumni Office is mandated to promote connections between BFSU and our alumni as well as connections between our alumni in effort to help you stay connected, get involved and keep informed of what is going on at BFSU. 

Apr 2006 BFSU Alumni Association at Xiamen was established.
Apr 2007 BFSY Alumni Association at Macao was established.
May 2007 BFSU Alumni Association at Shanghai was established.
Jun 2008 BFSU Alumni Association at Yunnan was established.
Dec 2012 BFSU Alumni Association at CBD, Beijing was established.
Dec 2013 BFSU Alumni Association was officially established.
Jan 2014 BFSU Alumni Association (France) was established.
Dec 2014 BFSU Alumni Association at Guangdong was established.
Apr 2015 BFSU Alumni Association (Hong Kong) was established.
May 2015 BFSU Alumni Association (North America) was established.
2015 BFSU alumni contact points were set up in organizations like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Commerce, the Xinhua News Agency, China Central Television, China Daily, China Radio International as well as for particular communities such as our alumni as entrepreneurs.

It is believed that “you can find BFSU alumni wherever the Chinese National Flag flies on this earth”.  We expect to get all our alumni involved in the development of our alumni associations. We hope to see a day when BFSU alumni can find a place like home wherever you are and feel the love and care from BFSU. BFSU stays with you wherever you go.

Alumni Office

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