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BFSU Education Foundation was established on November 11, 2010 as a nonpublic fund. We accept voluntary gifts from all kinds of commonweal organizations, businesses, institutions, civil society organizations and individuals to be used to support further development of teaching and improvement of physical environment at BFSU, to award teachers and students for outstanding performance, to fund basic research, pedagogical research and publications, to provide financial assistance for students when they participate in international exchange activities and for teachers when they do overseas studies and attend international academic exchanges and meetings. Directed gifts will be used for agreed purposes according to the wishes of the givers.

The Foundation looks forward to support and assistance from all sources.

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Tel0086-10-88810271  0086-10-88817794


E-mail[email protected]


Cím: Beijing, Haidiaqu Xi Sanhuanlu Beilu er hao, Beijing Waiguoyu Daxue Dongyuan Alaboyuluo wuceng 501A, 501B, 501D, Youbian: 100089

Kína, Beijing, Haidianqu Xi Sanhuanlu Beilu 2 hao, 100089

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