institutes and centers

we have been promoting academic freedom and research innovation,and our researchers are at the forefront of their disciplines,from linguistics to international politics and beyond. Drawing on our array of research institutes and centers serving as academic think tanks of the highest quality. These academic entities have contributed landmark reseach and dedicated to promoting the development of social sciences in China.



russian center australian research center
swiss research center arab center for lslamic studies
research center for portuguese amercian studies center
quebec center center for cross-cultural management studies
national research centre for foriegn language education national research centre for foreign languahe education
irish studies center malay research center
international finance and securities center irish studies center
institute for higher education' europe and the united states center for literay studies
centre for international communication studies institute for higher education
information center for worldwide asia research german studies center
center of gender and global studies(CGGS) information center for worldwide asia reseach
canadian studies center (belong to the school of english research center for world and regional economies
canadian studies center (belong to the department of F research centre for overseas sinology

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