Syrian Deputy Minister of Education Visits BFSU


On November 25, Wang Dinghua, Chairman of BFSU University Council, met with Professor Farah Sulaiman Al-Mutlak, Deputy Minister of Education of Syria.

Wang expressed his welcome to the Syrian guests, and briefed them on the history and traditions of BFSU as well as the development of Arabic language program in BFSU. He also talked about the friendly relations between China and Syria and wished for more cooperation between BFSU and Syrian universities in education studies and Arabic language teaching and research.

Prof. Al-Mutlak mentioned the large number of qualified Arabic teachers in Syria and talked positively about the huge potentials for future cooperation. He also expressed his pleasure in attending the 2nd Belt and Road Education Dialogue and wished for more in-depth dialogue with educationalists from countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative to improve mutual understanding and interaction.

The Belt and Road Education Dialogue is a high level international forum for educationalists from the Belt and Road countries. BFSU was the organizer for a parallel session themed Education, Modernization and National Development. Over 50 Chinese and foreign experts and scholars from 9 countries attended the session, focusing their discussions on four topics: human capital, economic growth and national development; cultural divergence and convergence in international education; globalization, localization and modernization; and research, innovation and sustainability.

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