Sapienza University of Rome Inaugurates Its Beijing Center at BFSU

On May 5, Prof. Eugeio Gaudio, Rector of Sapienza University of Rome, Prof. Bruno Botta and Prof. Teodoro Valente, both Deputy Rectors, paid a visit to BFSU. President Peng Long and Vice President Yan Guohua met with the delegation.
After the meeting, President Peng and Rector Gaudio unveiled the plaque for the Beijing Center of Sapienza University of Rome. The Center will serve as a platform for cooperation between Sapienza and BFSU, providing advices and support not only to students from Sapienza and the Confucius Institute at Sapienza during their studies in China, but also to Chinese students who wish to learn Italian language and culture or pursue further studies in Italy. The Center will also play an important role in connecting people from both countries and promoting cultural exchanges.

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