School of Chinese Language
and Literature
Regular Courses Non-degree Chinese language program
Bachelor’s Programs Chinese Language
Master’s Programs

Program 1: Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Program 2: Comparative Literature and World Literature

Program 3: Ancient Chinese Literature

Program 4: Chinese Language and Literature

Program 5: Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

PhD Programs Comparative Literature and Inter-Cultural Studies
Special Programs The Program Office of the Chinese Language Training
Center is responsible for the management of special programs
targeted to international students. Training courses could be designed
according to individual needs and offered at agreed time.
International Business School Programs taught in English

a. Regular courses (Non-degree): Chinese Business Studies

b. Bachelor’s Programs: International
    Business;International Marketing;International Finance;Chinese Business Studies

c. Master’s Programs: Chinese Business and International Relations

    Degree in Law—Chinese Business and International Relations

    Degree in Management Science and Engineering—International Business

Programs taught in Chinese

a. Bachelor’s programs

    Bachelor of Economics:International Economics and Trade/Finance

    Bachelor of Management: Accounting /Business Administration /International
    Business /E-Commerce/Information Management and System

b. Master’s Programs: International Economics and Relations

School of English and International Studies Bachelor’s Programs English language and Literature;Translation
Master’s Programs English language and Literature (British and American Literature/Linguistics and
Applied Linguistics/American Studies/British Studies/Australian Studies/Canadian
Studies/Irish Studies);Translation Studies;Master of Translation and Interpreting (MTI)
PhD Programs English language and Literature(British and American Literature/Linguistics and
Applied Linguistics/American Studies/European and EU Studies/Foreign Language
Teaching/Intercultural Studies);Translation Studies
Chinese Studies Programs Courses include Buddhism and Chinese Culture;Classics of Chinese Thought;
Contemporary and Modern Chinese Literature;China on the Screen;Political
Economy of Contemporary China;Politics of Contemporary China;Western
Civilization with Chinese Comparisons
School of International Relations and Diplomacy .Bachelor’s program in Diplomacy
Master’s Program in
Contemporary China
and Foreign Relations
School of Russian Regular Courses Russian language;Translation
Advanced Courses Translation Theory and Practice;Chinese-Russian Translation
Bachelor’s Programs Russian Language
Master’s Programs Modern Russian Language;Russian Literature;Russian Society and
Culture;Master of Translation and Interpreting (MTI)
PhD Programs Modern Russian Language;Russian Literature;Russian Society and
Culture;International Relations
School of Asian and African Studies Regular Courses Thai;Malay;Korean;Lao;Cambodian;Vietnamese;Burmese;Turkish;Swahili;
Advanced Courses Translation Theory and Practice (Chinese-Korean / Chinese-Vietnamese /
Chinese-Lao /Chinese-Burmese / Chinese-Thai / Chinese-Malay / Chinese-Singhalese / Chinese-Turkish / Chinese-Swahili)
Undergraduate Programs Thai;Malay;Korean;Lao;Cambodian;Vietnamese;Burmese;Turkish;Swahili;
Postgraduate Programs Asian and African Languages and Literature(Thai/Malay/Lao/Korean):
Foreign Language/Foreign Literature/Translation Theory and Practice/Cultural Studies
Department of German Double-Degree Master’s Program in Chinese-German Intercultural and
Germanic Studies( This program is organized in partnership with Nanjing University and the University of Göttingen. Each year 10 Chinese and 10 German students are admitted. They spend the first year in the University of Göttingen and the second year in BFSU or Nanjing University. Upon graduation , two master’s degrees will be offered by the Chinese and German authorities).
School of Law LLM in Chinese Business and Commercial Law
Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation Master’s Programs: Translation Theory and Practice (Conference Interpreting)/ Translation Theory and Practice (Multilingual Conference Interpreting、MTI)
International Institute of Chinese Studies Master’s Program in Chinese Studies
School of Online and Continuing Education Short-Term Chinese Language Training Programs
National Research Center for Foreign Language Education Cooperation agreements signed with foreign universities such as the Institute of Education,University of London and the University of Sheffield of UK as well as the University of Auckland of New Zealand
Confucius China Studies Program Joint Research PhD Fellowship;PhD in China Fellowship;Understanding China Fellowship;Young Leaders Fellowship;Publication Grant;International Conference Grant

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