About the School Founded in 1941
Students 5 088 registered undergraduate students on campus

2559 registered graduate students (440 doctoral candidates and 2,119 master’s candidates)

1326 international students

51.4% of undergraduate students of less commonly used languages have overseas study experience before they graduate

Faculties 1255 full-time faculty members and supporting staff

668 faculty members

333 professors (including 122 full professors and 229 associate professors)

172 international faculty members from 44 countries

Teaching 23 schools and departments

97 undergraduate programs

10 national key disciplines

83 languages

63 masters’ programs

18 doctoral programs

1 post-doctoral program

Research 1 key research base for humanities and social sciences in Chinese universitiesdesignated by the Ministry of Education

41 research centers for regional and country studies under the Ministry of Education

1 research center under National Language Committee

1 base for philosophy & social science research- Beijing

4   CSSCI journals

International exchange and cooperation 22 Confucius Institutes across the world

400+ partnerships with universities and academic institutions in 88 countries and regions

Campus 463654 m2floor space

1369832 books in library (including 621031 books in foreign languages)

No.2 North Xisanhuan Road, Beijing, P.R. China 100089

Office for International Exchange and Cooperation

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General Administration Office

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