Academic Timetable

Degree Programs



Admission Tuition

Academic Timetable

Academic year at BFSU begins in early September and finishes in mid-January of the next year, and is divided into two semesters – the spring semester and the fall semester. Each year students have two vacations – the summer vacation (July and August)and the winter vacation (4 weeks around the Chinese Spring Festival).Short-term Chinese language courses are offered during the summer and winter vacations.

Degree Programs

1. Undergraduate students study for 4 years. To get your BA degree, you must complete all required courses, write a graduation thesis and pass the oral defense for your thesis.

2.Master’s candidates study for 2-3 years depending on different programs. International students will sit with their Chinese peers in all courses. To get your graduation certificate and master’s degree, you must complete all required courses, write a graduation thesis and pass the oral defense.

3.Doctoral candidates study for 3 years. To get your graduation certificate and doctoral degree, you must complete all required courses, make academic achievements, write a doctoral dissertation and pass the oral defense.

Non-degree programs

1.Regular courses: 1/2 to 1 year, extendable if necessary. A certificate will be issued when you complete the required Chinese language courses or other courses and pass the exams.

2.Short-term courses: presently, we only offer Chinese language short-term courses for learners who wish to have short-term learning experience in Chinese language and culture. During the summer vacation, 8-, 4- and 3-week courses are offered; during the winter vacation, 4-week courses are offered, depending on applications we receive. Classes take place from Monday to Friday with morning classes devoted to Chinese language and afternoon classes to Chinese culture. Each week a Beijing city tour will be arranged. Students will get a BFSU International Student ID Card and a certificate upon completion of the courses.

Application and Admission Procedures


1.Application:Applicants shall submit your application and necessary documents online ( Your should submit your application from mid-April to early June for enrollment for the fall semester, and from mid-October to early January the next year for enrollment for the spring semester. We will examine your documents and ask for additional ones if necessary. Progress can be tracked online.

2.Admission:Once you are admitted, a notice will be sent to you as soon as possible, together with other documents such as a visa application form (JW202) and a welcome letter to new students. It takes at least 4 to 5 weeks for these documents to be sent.




BFSU offers dormitory rooms of different choices to its international students.

If you choose not to live on campus, you should find your own accommodation, and upon arrival, report to the local police station. The police will issue you an accommodation certificate, which will be used when you register at BFWU and complete all necessary formalities upon arrival.



Level of Education


Registeration Fee

Degree programs
Chinese language programs BA

12 150 RMB/semester

22 150 RMB/year

400 RMB
MA 27 000 RMB/year 800 RMB
Non-Chinese language programs BA 26 000 RMB/year 800 RMB
MA 27 150 RMB/year 800 RMB
MA at the Graduate School of
Translation and Interpretation
30 000 RMB/year 800 RMB
PhD 34 000 RMB/year 800 RMB
Non-degree programs
Chinese language programs Regular course

11 150 RMB/semester

21 150 RMB/year

400 RMB

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