About the School Founded in 1941
Students 4965 registered undergraduate students on campus

2559 registered graduate students(427 doctoral candidates and 2132 master’s candidates)

1410 international students

51% of undergraduate students of less commonly used languages have overseas study experience before they graduate

3 BFSU ranks 3rd among Chinese universities in terms of its gradates’ competitiveness in the job market in 2015

Faculties 1281 full-time faculty members and supporting staff

680 faculty members

351 professors(including 122 full professors and 229 associate professors)

150+ international faculty members from 46 countries

Teaching 22 schools and departments

78 undergraduate programs

4 national key disciplines

67 languages

25 EU official languages

10 ASEAN country official languages

25 languages exclusively taught at BFSU in China

1:11 teacher/student ratio

44 masters’ programs

19 doctoral programs

1 post-doctoral program

Research 1 key research base for humanities and social sciences in Chinese universities designated by the Ministry of Education

4 research bases for regional and country studies under the Ministry of Education

1 research center under National Language Committee

1 base for philosophy&social science research- Beijing

10 academic journals(including 3 core journals)

International exchange and cooperation 21 Confucius Institutes across the world

400+ partnerships with universities and academic institutions in 88 countries and regions

Campus 463 654 m2 floor space

126 400 000+ books (including 656 000+ books in foreign languages)

No.2 North Xisanhuan Road, Beijing, P.R. China 100089